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party dresses and plastic aprons

my indifference is a ruse

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icka & yen's haus...and the misadventures therein

"when he cross-dresses he ends up looking like a little old lady"

art deco, avoiding the painters, bernard, body oils, breathing hard, burnt garlic, buttery burnt sourdough toast, canajians, chameleon eyes, charcoal fingertips, chemists, chinese lanterns, chocolate pudding, city of villains, contortion, decadent cheeses, deconstructing sound, delivery sushi, digital vomitoriums, edward gorey, fake international accents, fancy breads, fancy winebottles, film noir nightwear, fixing broken heaters, fixing the modem, foofy hair-ribbons, framboise bottles, fresh asiago, gingerbread, gourmet food, haikus on business cards, haus-guests, hecka cooking, heels, helmut newton, hippie roomies, hot buttered rum, interesting vinegars, josh's lobster bisque, joshrandr bearing presents, lemon oil, lonely music, marxism, mid-century fashion, muses, musicians, needle art, newspaper art, night owls, organza curtains, parties, pear cider for 3, peering out windows, photographie de l'uncommun, pink dreadlocks, plastic aprons, playlist wars, plotting your demise, purple velvet shower curtains, red curry, redecorating teh voodoo lounge, rosin, sad baths, sandalwood scents, seppukkake, smuggled produce, soldering, special space foodz, strawberry daquiris, sucking on sugarcanes, sugar and cream, tam's mom, taschen, tattered old movie posters, vanilla beans, victorian wine, walnut prawns, washing your mouth out, watching pbs with charles, wendy's giggle, world of warcraft, writing on lightbulbs, yen's ass, yen's plastic apron